Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jeanie DOES BETH Part 3

No it's not getting Old at all 

Album launch me and Beth hanging out see dialogue below 

Jeanie : Hi (frantic waving for no reason apart from i'm a retard)
Jeanie: Bet you don't remember me
Beth shut up like i wouldn't remember you i saw you earlier on but couldn't say hi
Your unforgettable !
Jeanie: Hmm is that good or bad 
Beth : Shut up!
Jeanie: what are you wearing ?
Beth: Gareth Pugh
Jeanie: sad face I want Gareth pugh

I made her take another Photo she's so sweet we LOVE here hee hee hee 

"You got me I Rock thee Versace and linen"



Once I graduate from styling school I'm totally going to menswear shows to perv on hot hot Boys and look at Lush clothes 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

men Men Men Men manly Men Men

Its fashion week Yay

Yummy men in shredded Jeans , Bits of dazzle , short shorts, Madonna's boy toy , Marlon Brando References what more could a girl want

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fat girl blogger????

Read the text below it was in the sunday times style

Now she’s a hit with the fash pack, labels such as Dolce and Chanel are happy to knock up one-off versions of their designs — usually shown on the catwalk in a size six or eight — for Ditto to wear to shoots and parties. This hasn’t always endeared her to her well-covered sisters. “Some fat girl blogger was saying, ‘It’s cool that all these famous designers are making clothes for her, but they’re not going to make them for everyone.’ And the truth is, yes, they’re not going to make them for everyone. They make only a few pieces just to fit me,” she shrugs. “For the rest, I have to make it work my own way. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to go round my shoulders because it was a skirt, but that’s how I wear it.”

methinks she's talking about me " fat girl blogger" ha ha ha 

If so i  think i deserve money and all those Evans goodies i saw in the article

Crumbs never thought I'd say I'd take Evans pieces Beth did good although she can do better if she could get Karl to make be a giant jumper dress with the Chanel logo oh oh ohhhh
maybe Giles can make me something that sparkles
Loewe can make me a nice silk shirt 
Vuitton can make me well....... everything !!! (Fat girl bunny ears anyone )

ok ok i'm getting ahead of myself 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

model mayhem shoot FUN

I don't even know what's left to say I love Marc Jacobs maybe he needs a love letter or something ?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

video of the week !

Glitter and Gold never looks Old 

Obesity and Speed Yes Please

If i was THin pretty and a cool hipster sort I would get involved with this brand  Yummy scrummy pieces that ooze awesomeness have a looksee at there new fall winter collection featuring every ones fave bad girl Isabelle Mcnally . One day Jeanie one day 

Quotes of the week

" I think there's some mistake I work at ELLE i shouldn't be getting this gift bag"
A disgruntled party goer at the G shock event Thursday night she's was two seconds away from Don't you know who i am !

 "Your like Mary Poppins everyone loves Mary Poppins no?"
Kevin making fun of me again.

"Mumsie's in demand this week"!
Lock stock Isaac Lock making fun of me on friday

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Can everyone please come to this following reasons 

a ) feeling very nervous and any friendly faces would be great i feel like this is some awful practical joke !
b) erm i'm on a panel thats pretty awesome for someone who talks about cakes boys and sometimes clothes no?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear ......

Stop with the nice ad campaigns I don't need to see guys ill never get to have sexy times with, girls ill never be and clothing i will never afford. it's  cruel and unfair i cant afford the magazines your ad's run in let alone the clothes.

PS .Perhaps you should try collaborating with primark just a thought

PS PS  i still have no headband  :-(



I've never wanted to be bitten so much !


Guess what i stumbled across today hair extensions from BALMAIN awesome or what now you can have fashion hair too!