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Everyones got issue's September being the most important !

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of seeing a private screening of  the September issue words can't describe the awesomeness not because of Wintour who's good but the movie should be renamed the Grace and Anna issue because the interplay between these two women is rather amazing. Grace Coddington  steals the entire movie i love how Unafraid she is in everything i love how she's not bored of the nonsense that is Fashion  she's excited by stuff still she's beyond words it was worth seeing just because of that alone.  

Fave bit of the September issue

Candy Pratts Price 

Interviewer: so would you say Anna is more the high priestess of the fashion industry?
Candy: more like the pope


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Me and Beth 

Always a winner with Kinga

Fun frolicks and more celebs than you can shake and leather pump at

  • we danced to the tunes by the misshapes
  • ate strawberries and chocolate brownies
  • tried very hard to doge the waiting pap

But the best part of my evening was being introduced to the MAZING Beth Ditto this is how the conversation went 

Tim Clifton Green : Beth this is Jeanie she works at LOVE with us 
Beth: Have i met you before 
Jeanie: Surprised  look on my face erm No (I'd remember meeting you)
Jeanie: So I've been working all your clothes from that shoot you did 
Beth : Really that's so cute 
Jeanie : I LOVE YOU 
Beth : I love you to Jeanie
Beth : look at me and Jeanie Hanging out 
Beth: I love your hat 
Jeanie : I love your Jacket ( Marc by marc jacobs)

Cue lots of shouting and hugging 

Fun times !

Monday, May 11, 2009

goodwin gives good face in leather & Lace

Ginnifer goodwin in the June issue of W picture taker Klein clothes person Nickerson

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This week.......

 I've discovered the following 
  • photo/props assistants = yummy boy combination however a huge distraction
  • you can have one to many Bellini's but not enough Guy bourdin
  • studio food awesome 
  • Model envy body while eating studio food not so awesome
  • in the cheescake and Balmain debate cheesecake wins 
  • word games are fun (if you CATCH my drift)
  • shoreditch house is fun 
  • pool parties are fun too
  • massive hangovers not so fun 
  •  boys are fun and some are not so fun

video of the week !

Biggest boyband in the world = big tunes, Super Junior

 ok ok so i have no idea what's actually being said but this is pretty darn catchy!

Friday, May 8, 2009

erm ....

Just so i have this clear in my mind a dude that designs coloured kaftans is going to save planet earth thank goodness because for a second  i really thought we were doomed!

Monday, May 4, 2009

kinda funny

This kinda made me laugh for a good while