Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeanie has a CRUSH

Crush is a Fanzine I've just discovered.

"Once someone told us, “You really don’t love me, maybe you're just obsessed. Maybe it’s just a crush”. Even though we shed a quiet tear, we knew it was true."

Issue number 1 features model/soccer player / my husband /So Yummy I'd like to spread him on a cracker  Arthur K... he's to die for.

I haven't got a hard copy of the magazine yet but i will do and not just because I'd  like to glue pictures of me an Arthur  together in compromising positions Its also but because i love the idea of a whole magazine dedicated to things your obsessed with. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Givenchy In the flesh

Not on my flesh the sky would have to fall before i get close to any of that .This is Julia she's rather fabulous with her great  hair, endless legs and an awesome taste in music, those lovely legs were incased in Givenchy s/s09 today.

 Today I wore a Primarni skirt and a rather dodgy new look top I should just change my name to frumpy frump Jeanie and be done with it It's not fair its just not fair to top it off while sulking on the train i went a stop to far and got fined £20 quid (thanks south west trains for ruining my evening) which is great when you have -20p in your account.

Ps I know what would cheer me up karla otto could sending me that  Givenchy headband !!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cant get enough of Rachel Antonoff

 I like Rachel Antonoff  for several reasons she like's cupcakes (good girl) and makes pretty clothes if i was 5'10 pretty and a single digit size (oh to dream) I'd love some of these cute and fluffy pieces check out the website YUM 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Jimmy Choo.....

Can you send me the above please my hunters are rubbish i want these ones 




Dolce hee hee 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cakes aches and shoes

This morning while walking to work I had a rather strong convo with myself 

Jeanie 1 god it's so nice outside soon it will be summer and ill have to stop wearing tights  oh god maybe i should diet 
Jeanie 2  because of course in 6 weeks you can lose 6 stone sure you can you know you + any form of exercise = A&E, tiredness, aches pains this is not a good plan lets eat more cake yummmmy cake 

Jeanie 1 I know I know  but oh I'd like to buy some really really nice clothes i spend hours looking for fun stuff to wear to work and i can't find anything i don't wanna be the office frump
jeanie 2 erm you have three outfits anyway and you remember what that Barclay's statement said i believe there were minuses involved 

jeanie 1 BOOO i hate you you meanie you spoil everything !

my point being that for about 15 seconds i was on a diet i brought granolia had some juice this all changed at about 4pm CAKE TIME again poof went the diet ! Instead I had lovely Cake baked by the even lovelier Phoebe Arnold she takes a mean picture, styles and bakes awesome cakes  some girls have all the luck.

I also spent the afternoon lusting after sexy super sexy strumpet Kimi (wasn't just me lusting after her the gentlemen on 1st floor are also admirers)

her shoes are fall aw09 Vuitton (she's fancy like that)

to conclude i need to a say no to cakes and yes to shoes

Contrary to popular belief...

HG and I did not get into a fight and decided to stop working together on I am Fashion and started our own blogs instead. (Even our mutual friends wondered about it!) We still email each other daily about the intricate details of our lives and random thoughts we have, and feel extremely empty when the other is away and has no access to the internet. When I freak out, she is the first person I call and she is still my maid of honor when I fantasize about my wedding. Our reasons for closing down I am Fashion still stands, though I do think that my later rationalization of it in this blog is a better articulation of how we feel.

As for us continuing to blog even more regularly than before, I attribute it to the "newness" of our blogs. Starting a new blog is like starting a relationship. At the beginning everything is new and exciting as you get to know the other person and watch your relationship grow and mature. Every up and every down is a significant moment. Then the honeymoon phase eventually wears off and you reach a happy medium, where your relationship becomes a part of your daily life. With any luck, you will live happily ever after in this state with a few surprises here and there to spice up the norm. If not, your relationship will wane and you grow apart, eventually deciding that you are both better off parting ways.

Clearly I'm in the honeymoon phase. We are starting to explore new things together, trying to figure out what works best for the both of us. Every new post is an adventure. Every comment and email is exciting. I want to spend every moment of everyday with it, checking on its progress i.e. stalking the traffic, the incoming and outgoing links etc. It's an exhilarating feeling that I'd almost forgotten about!

Analogy aside, it is heartwarming to read everyone's encouraging comments and to know that we were able to leave a small footprint on some people's lives. We appreciate your support and remember that we've not left the blogging world for good. Come visit us some time at our new blogs -(Find the links to our new blogs in the post below). We miss you guys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carine roitfeld Gets revealed

Ever wondered what happens in the world  Carine Roitfeld  methinks a whole lot of Balmain check out the following three video's 

Erm did you get my letter did you understand what letter what did she sayyyyy to her???


YUMMMMMMM highlight of my day 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vuitton gets Bunnylicious

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show not in a biased way its awesome on so many levels plus  I have a new obsession move over givenchy headband say hello to those Bunny ears I'm hopping mad about them YUM. 

Photos by fashionologie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Stefano Pilati "but i think timelessness is a good message for now no"


Oh the drama Mcqueen

I received about twenty messages last night all saying the same thing "Have you seen McQueen?" early this morning i checked out what all the fuss is about (see picc'ys above) the sex doll make up is all kinds of amazing the boxy jackets and super sexy sharp tailoring speak for itself and the shoes tranny chic is back.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


To me Alber Elbaz is the only designer that caters fully to women and not an idealized image his main objective is to make his subject feel well good, euphoric even.

This season he said "I thought with my heart about what women need from fashion -dresses, suits, blouses, coats  life isn't just parties and lunches" He has a point but if clothes could talk i think Lanvin would scream I LOVE you whenever you put it on.

GaGa over Balenciaga

Right back to the matter at hand fashion week 

I Adore Balenciaga not because everyone is schooled to like it but because like Mrs Prada  Nicholas Ghesquiere explores something different every season not many people can reference the past as well as being thoroughly modern all at the same time this season ghesquiere examines drapery we see skirts transform into sari pants beautiful bold prints as well as a hint of early YSL (those tights are MINE) super duper YUM.

JeaniE DOES BETH Part 2

Oh dear i found this in the fashion cupboard on Friday afternoon this is the Gareth Pugh dress commissioned especially for LOVE and worn by the brilliant Beth.

I had to send it back NOOOO

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Photo taken by the LOVEly Kimi O'neill

So lets talk about how awesome my day was, as a fatty in fashion i miss out on the really good stuff a fashion assistant gets to do which is of course try on samples that is until the lovely beth ditto came along  in the LOVE office today i got to try and do returns in HOW CHIC some of the clothes used in the shoot. 

 today was officially greatest six minutes of my life for the following reasons  
A) i'm that much closer to marc jacobs (its only a matter of time before he makes me dresses)
B) for about two seconds i felt all special being in something that was on a celeb hee hee 
c)  erm its VUITTON ha ha ha ha

Guess who has a new facebook pic ha ha ha