Monday, October 25, 2010

Kirsten Dunst For Miu Miu SS08 Ads

For people who love to shop, January is a bit of a dry month. But for fashion-lovers, January is pretty exciting as it is when a lot of the SS campaigns are released. One of the campaigns I've been most anticipating is the Miu Miu campagin because a) Kirsten Dunst is Miu Miu's model of the season, and b) I usually love Miu Miu's campaign images. I have to admit I didn't really like Lindsay Lohan's FW07 campaign. Maybe I just didn't think Lindsay suited Miu Miu, or maybe the images just seemed too grown-up for Miu Miu.
The colour scheme of the SS08 campaign seems pretty similar to the FW07 one. But what I like about this campaign is that it really conveys the feeling of the clothing collection - the clothes and bags are very obviously featured, but it still manages to be artistic and dramatic. Also, I think Kirsten did really well. She manages to look coy, theatrical and ladylike while still looking playful. (You have to stare at it for awhile before really feeling the images. Go to the Miu Miu website for larger pictures.)
Now I don't actually love all the images, but I like the campaign as a whole. Plus I may be biased as Kirsten is my favourite actress. And while it would be nice to see Miu Miu use a model to model the campaign, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.
I want to say this looks like a good 'look' for work (minus the red bow on the head,) but the skirt is way too short. If only I could go to work looking this chic though! Even the bag looks big and practical for work!
Hmm, I couldn't decide whether I like this image (top)...
or this image (top) more. But these two are definitely my favourite out of the lot. The clothes are SO cute, girly and quirky. I just don't know where one would wear them. Oh well, it's not like I could afford these clothes.
Do you like Kirsten's Miu Miu ads?
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Haute Couture S/S08 III

Starting with Armani's tribute to Valentino:
This post, like all of the other recent haute couture posts, is all about Valentino's final show. The old-school king of romance is retiring after more than 40 years of designing flowery and lacey dresses. Personally, I've always been neutral about Valentino. To me, Valentino is a well-respected designer who has been around for a very long time. I don't exactly love or hate his designs because I wasn't even born yet during some of his more memorable designer years and because such fancy clothes isn't exactly studentwear. But this is the very final Valentino show, so let's take some time to admire the final work of a master:
Take note of the Phillip Tracey hats -they're so pretty! Isn't the bow on Natalia V.'s head SO adorable? I could totally imagine a red one on Blair (Gossip Girl)!
OK, so I admit I can't tell the difference between this collection and Valentino's RTW line. They just all look very lady-like to me.
The gold, 20's dress on the left is one of my favourite from this collection. It's modern but still very classic-looking.
Flowers in many different forms -a signature of Valentino's.
Chic and elegant.
Gorgeous! Don't the purple/ pink flowers just look like they're growing on a vine on these dresses?
These dresses look so big and puffy, yet still so light and floaty. Just what certain romantic dresses are supposed to look like.
The silver (or is it white?) dress on Vlada (right) is another one of my favourite dresses in this collection. It's SO gorgeous!
Farewell Valentino!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Question Time Part 4

Roberto Cuevas and Rafael Sanchez 

This time it's the amazing  Mexican based duo Rafael and Roberto behind a gorgeous brand named TEAMO there clothes are YUMMY, SCRUMMY LUSH and I spend a lot of time lusting after them, see all their fun answers to my silly questions below.

Name: Rafael Cuevas & Roberto S├ínchez  

Age: 26 / 28  

Location: Mexico City  

What do you do? Fashion Design We have a Brand called TEAMO  

If your life had a theme song, what would it be? Rafa:My body is a cage by THE ARCADE FIRE  
Roberto: Discipline (Janet Jackson)

Who was your first crush? Rafa: Prince William
Roberto: Edward Sissorhands

Best year you weren’t alive for? Rafa: 2010
Roberto: 2010

What film makes you all romantic? Rafa: Vicky Cristina Barcelona 
Roberto: Edward Sissorhands  

When's the last time you felt nostalgic? Rafa: 5 minutes ago.
Roberto: When i think in Rafa´s and I cat called Manzana.  


Possession: Rafa: my memories
Roberto: my rings.

Smell: Rafa: leather
Roberto : patchulli  

Guilty pleasure: Rafa: Justin Bieber
Roberto: Mexican Soup operas (telenovelas)

Cake: Rafa: Cheese
Roberto: chocolate

love is... Rafa: family, god and friends.
Roberto:embrace who you are and share.

God is... Rafa: everything that its inside me and around me
Roberto: around. 

You is... Rafa: Drama baby!
Roberto: tears  

Fashion is... Rafa: expresion
Roberto: passion

see the lovely Teamo at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleek Magazine

I did this interview a few weeks ago I almost sound like I'm somewhat cool.

big thank you to Hill @ Sleek.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Bloody hell this looks nice ......

More stuff I like

One day I'll actually get to go to these shows instead of just watch stuff on youtube