Monday, October 18, 2010

Question Time Part 4

Roberto Cuevas and Rafael Sanchez 

This time it's the amazing  Mexican based duo Rafael and Roberto behind a gorgeous brand named TEAMO there clothes are YUMMY, SCRUMMY LUSH and I spend a lot of time lusting after them, see all their fun answers to my silly questions below.

Name: Rafael Cuevas & Roberto Sánchez  

Age: 26 / 28  

Location: Mexico City  

What do you do? Fashion Design We have a Brand called TEAMO  

If your life had a theme song, what would it be? Rafa:My body is a cage by THE ARCADE FIRE  
Roberto: Discipline (Janet Jackson)

Who was your first crush? Rafa: Prince William
Roberto: Edward Sissorhands

Best year you weren’t alive for? Rafa: 2010
Roberto: 2010

What film makes you all romantic? Rafa: Vicky Cristina Barcelona 
Roberto: Edward Sissorhands  

When's the last time you felt nostalgic? Rafa: 5 minutes ago.
Roberto: When i think in Rafa´s and I cat called Manzana.  


Possession: Rafa: my memories
Roberto: my rings.

Smell: Rafa: leather
Roberto : patchulli  

Guilty pleasure: Rafa: Justin Bieber
Roberto: Mexican Soup operas (telenovelas)

Cake: Rafa: Cheese
Roberto: chocolate

love is... Rafa: family, god and friends.
Roberto:embrace who you are and share.

God is... Rafa: everything that its inside me and around me
Roberto: around. 

You is... Rafa: Drama baby!
Roberto: tears  

Fashion is... Rafa: expresion
Roberto: passion

see the lovely Teamo at

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