Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling Tickled Pink

I'm feeling like wearing a lot of soft pink colours! After looking at this site.

Some fancy things I would like to wear right now.

Oh, I just want to wear chiffon and go around in bare feet (even if I did just purchase huge crazy boots). Yes, I want spring. I'm all ready for it.


Since i started working at fancy pants magazine i've kept my freeloading ways down to a minimum this is for several reasons :
a) i'm to tiered i just want to watch Hollyaoks , Eastenders maybe a Documentry if i'm feeling rather smart and go to bed i love my bed so much its a struggle to leave in the mornings and i'm always quite keen to get back to it.
b) i no longer have the attention span to talk to people or  to drink my body weight in (insert drink of choice here)

however yesterday i went back to my partying ways 
it was a launch for something or another oh yes some super slim sony tv don't ask me what it looks like i dont have a clue. 

Highights of the night 
  • Rum and ginger beer awesome awesome YUM
  • Seeing sanjay from eastenders walking around mazing
  • Seeing the lovely henry holland dj 
  • Realising my crush on Giles deacon is still going strong (i need to give up this dream of us getting married and him making me dresses its just sad) 
  • Trying to make katie talk to ralph little
  • Seeing amy (ppq) in a super duper black and white cape and liking alice d's new hair  double YUm 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paper Power

well Roses to be exact there was lots of pretty paper at Chanel's couture show super duper pretty speaking of pretty Alexandra tomlinson fell during the show not surprised check out the heel/floor surface situation.


I'm writing some stuff for the cool kids at styleslut same nonsense only with rude words their all cool and don't really appreciate my constant cake references 


amazing alexis mabille
Delectable Dior 

This week is the start of couture shows in Paris, basically its pretty stuff that I'm to fat and poor to wear.  credit crunch what credit crunch ???

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gladiator Gareth triumphs again

His first full menswear collection did not disappoint the show was awesome full on super sharp structural shapes lashings of luscious PVC and chains each boy looked like a love child of Edward scissor hands and Hellraiser combined. Perhaps the super wearable pieces are a practice run rumour has it that mr Pugh may be taking on a well known menswear brand.  Wink wink and all that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chin up, walk tall

They're here!

They are mighty tall, and I walked around them for a while thinking that I should probably return them because they're so tall.

Except they're so awesome so I'm not going to return them.

Who doesn't like some Jak & Jil for their weekend?

Image Source: Me, Jak & Jil

Friday, January 23, 2009

New name

Today i worked at Burberry FUN chocolates steamer's hall and oats  

I came to work an 1hr 30 mins early i should really read the call sheet 

then i tried to make everyone listen to Rupert holmes on my Ipod they all laughed at me 

Logan aka Logie bear gave me a new name Jeanoir sausage fingers what do we think ? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go Crazy

Ohhhh I did something totally insane and spent money on a pair of boots that look like this:

Yes. They will be here tomorrow. Wonderful Guess "Maeve" boots. Kind of gothic but I can't wait to wear it with my chiffon dress with tights and leg warmers, a black blazer, and some crazy coloured scarf.

So now for some outfits that I would gladly wear. Because we all have Lacroix, Moschino and Schouler lying around in our closets.


But not nearly as excited or as in love with the fact that Barack Obama is now our President!!


this evening i went to the LCF Masters show 

  • waiting for what seemed like forever to get a drink (then i had three ) 
  • wondering why it was so cold by so called bar area 
  • seeing the red one from girls aloud (she's my fave)
  • Going to the show with two of the tallest people in the world I should wear heels , and comb my hair and basically make an effort. Just call me frumpy frumpana!!
  • seeing some really really good collections 
  • being annoyed that i still haven't brought a decent camera (grainy blurry rubbish pic's up soon)
  • seeing that waz dude from make me a  supermodel model rather small sequined pants 
  • Colin mcdowell completly making up the winners name it was manjit deu btw 


How much fun is that !

CAN I HAVE .......

One of these jumpers please Iceberg FW09 Men's there so FUN reminds me of the 90's whoop whoop 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Passport Holder

When I was walking pass the travel accessories section at Saks last month, I scoffed at the idea. Why would I need a pretty passport holder when I only use it once every few months, and when I do, only very briefly when I go through customs. Most of the time, it is kept inside my bag anyway.

A day or so later, I learnt the error of my ways. 12 hours before my international flight, I realized that my passport was not where it should be. I was completely frazzled and lost. I immediately started ransacking my apartment looking for it and even called HG internationally for moral support in my panicked state (it was the middle of the night for her too!). I kept looking while she went online and checked out what one does in a situation like this (it was a saturday night so govt departments are not even opened the next day). Half an hour later, I finally found it neatly tucked away in a inconspicuous looking white envelope. I'd used my passport 6 months ago for something else and had forgotten to put it back in the pencil case looking travel bag where I put all my travel stuff in. Phew! Crisis avoided.
The next day on my ride to the airport, I retold my story to my friend and she said that this was why I should get a pretty passport holder, then I'd never have to put my passport in a white envelope. Plus, I should get an eye catching one, so I'll see it immediately. She had a point. Now i'm a convert to pretty passport holder. The question of course, is which one. I'm considering this bright red one from Saks. It is simple, elegant and vibrant. Plus, the size is just right, with little compartments for travel award cards etc (actually it might even be a great present for mom!).

How does everyone else keep their passport?

Image Source: Saks

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Men Men Men Men manly Men Men

 So Its show season hurrah I've read of a few blogs full of fashion insiders whining about the pitfalls of dressing up in awesome clothes most likely having your photo taken by jack and Jil, having to drink champers,  then there's the whole being nice to certain advertisers and of course the worst of it  seeing tons  of amazing clothes. All i can say is really really !!!!  I feel so sorry for you the trappings of fashion and all that!! it must be sooo sooo tough being you I can't imagine having a job that i would actually kill someone for.

Anyway  enough minion ranting that's all it is ill be posting video's of shows i like first is yummy Dolce because:
a) those glasses are ace they go on my i want i need please can a pr send me some list
b) erm those bags are mazing big , shiny& luxe just the way i like them
c) i was kinda surprised at how much i loved how each model looked like Guy Richie and Hugh Hefner combined.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


1 Lara Stone + 1 Steven klein 
 Yum yum travis hanson +
 lots of blood 
Vogue paris Feb 2009 ......MAZING 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the t shirt trail continues

This little t shirt obsession i seem to be having the last couple of weeks is killing the funds i got quite emotional  when i went to topshop and found a whole t shirt section there were tons in fat girl size too maybe i should start robbing people to feed this new habit.

Anyway there was a point to my ramble Gloria loves valentine have launched a yummy yum yum t shirt range methinks you can get them from the website . 

The other day while moaning via email I thought of a perfect t shirt slogan "don't care about cool" this is because i gave up the cool fight long ago think of it as a mini protest or something.  i'm  also fond of  like"librarians rock " their cool and know about books and stuff.


I like this one more and I think I understand it now  is she supposed to be pele goddess of fire???

IF I WAS A ......

 Futuristic super sexy cowgirl/ matador/ (insert what you like here) i'd like to look like the above. amazing anna claudia ,  lucious Lara  magnificent Maria Carla and leggy lakshmi do their thing. In the words of Rachel zoe  I DIE 

Fashion struggle

so this was the conversation i had in my head at work today  good Jeanie versus bad Jeanie 

GJ : I really wish I had nice clothes it would be a change to actually make an effort when i come into work.
BJ: shut up you want nice clothes so you can get sexy boys to like you and make other girls jealous stop lying fatty.

GJ: Be quiet you! what if i did want to make an effort maybe be a bit more glam i should do some more shifts at the pub
BJ: or you should just start robbing people

GJ: What No i can't do that 
BJ: yes you can. 

BJ: people in hoodies do it all the time & remember hustle last week it looks easypeasy then you can have all the Chanel you want!
GJ: I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you shut up bad Jeanie shut up I'm not doing that 

BJ: Alright then how many tricks can you turn to get that stupid givenchy headband you want ? its one or the other .
GJ: hmmmmm

I seriously need a legitimate way to earn a living afford all the nice stuff i want as well as continuing the passion for fashion (naff saying but i love it ) otherwise bad Jeanie will win.

I'm It

Sazzel dazzel aka or false glitter has tagged me i must now reveal 6 random facts about me (oh god this is bound to go wrong and require a serious amount of therapy for me)

1) I didn't speak until i was 4 years old 
There was nothing wrong with me apparently i never said anything for years i just shook my head my first sentence was at one of my mums parties she was talking to me in another language and i asked why she couldn't just speak to me in English instead things went downhill from there with me and mum.

2) I went to all girls schools till I was 18 
This explains a lot about me I hated boys when i was younger and now boys hate me excellent !

3) I wanted to be something different when i grew up
I went to uni and did a degree in history of art and classical studies i had dellusions of curating awe inspiring shows at the tate then i realised i actually need to eat and the closest i was getting to a museum job was the gift shop. Then I enrolled onto a drama course but the constant probing about my childhood put booo method acting , i left went traveling around australia and came back to work at MOre magazine i realised that it wasn't quite my idea of a rip roaring time and fell into a job at tatler and thats where it all started. 

4) I'm a pessimist who loves to daydream 
the glass is always empty  if you ask me I'm quite the morbid one but i daydream constantly every day my head is filled with stories they usually involve boys, cakes, and clothes sometimes when its really good i dream of boys buying me cake and clothes YUM .

5) I suffer from pretty boy syndrome
Its quiet frankly a disease pretty i suffer badly every boy I've every fancied has been classically good looking you know like those boys in the gap ads, I've been know to follow pretty Adonis looking boys down the street   and randomly take pictures of them (see the last ponystep i went to) whenever i get to meet one of these beautiful boys i go into complete idiot mode often telling inappropriate jokes and then i try to explain them smooth 

6) I've had my heart broken once 
never again I'm a once bitten 15 times shy kinda girl 

Right i tag discotheque confusion (she'll say something cool and witty), style bubble (like she's got time for this shizzel) and it was supposed to be funny ( because she is )


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AND .....

what do we think about vic's new underwear Ad for Armani ???


 what we think of the better half of TOMKAT striking a pose for MIU MIU shot by mert and marcus (swoon)